• shanegamble


  • Sarah Halle Corey

    Sarah Halle Corey

    Writer, filmmaker, and digital content creator producing work about feminism, feelings, pop culture, and everything in between. sarahhallecorey.com

  • Sophie Warnes

    Sophie Warnes

    Data nerd and journalist— has probably worked at your fave UK paper. Unrepentant feminist. Likes: Asking irritating questions. Hates: Writing bios, pandas.

  • Taylor Soule

    Taylor Soule

    @SCIOWA communications coordinator, @DMRsports freelancer, @DrakeUniversity alumna, editor, blogger, Federer fan, morning person, soon-to-be law student

  • Mila Sanina

    Mila Sanina

    Assistant managing editor at the @PittsburghPG. Formerly of @CNNi & @NewsHour. Person behind 'The Digs' http://pgdigs.tumblr.com/. In digital I trust.

  • Adam Shuck

    Adam Shuck

  • Karola Karlson

    Karola Karlson

    Growth Marketer | Blogging on Facebook marketing | Head of Marketing @boltapp | https://www.karolakarlson.com/

  • Ryan Jacobs

    Ryan Jacobs

    Deputy editor @PacificStand. Writing a book about the truffle underworld for Clarkson Potter. Alum: @TheAtlantic, @MotherJones. Tracking crime, intrigue, WTF.

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